Special Notice to Clients — 

Dear Clients,

First and foremost, we pray that you and your family are safe as the US hunkers down to ride out the pandemic sweeping the country.

At this point, tax season has not been cancelled or delayed. We will let you know if the government changes this.

The Pinnacle CPA Advisory Group will be open for business as usual. We are following safe-contact guidelines from health officials and will greet you at a distance, with elbow bumps, toe taps … whatever you prefer.

Coronavirus precautions, flexibility

Our offices will be maintained in a sanitary condition and we will have hand sanitizer available.

If any of our team is showing flu-like symptoms, we will require them to remain home to recover. Their safety and yours is of the utmost concern. We ask you to stay home if you are having flu-like symptoms, too.

For your convenience, we can meet by Zoom (web video conferencing) or by phone if you do not feel it is safe to meet in person.

For almost all of our business clients, we are noticing an impact (some large and some small). We will be available to assist you. For individuals suffering in the stock market, stay calm. After tax season, we would be glad to do planning reviews to help you through.

Thank you for your trust in these difficult times.

The Pinnacle CPA Advisory Group

Reach the Pinnacle CPA Advisory Group by calling us at 614-942-1990, emailing Info@cpaagi.com, or just filling out the contact form on this site at cpaagi.com/contact/.

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PPP for Me Me Me

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