About Our Firm

We offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. We are affordable, experienced, and friendly.

Who We Are

We are a full-service public accounting, financial services and management consulting firm

CPA Advisory Group, Inc., a Pinnacle CPA Advisory Group member located in Columbus, Ohio, services the needs of small businesses and individuals. We seek to add value to our clients’ experience through creative approaches to help you not only survive, but flourish in these turbulent economic times.

‘Leading small businesses and individuals to success’ isn’t just our motto. It’s our mission.

Established in 1968, CPA Advisory Group, Inc., offers over 50 years of integrated solutions in business advisory, financial planning, taxation, and more to a broad range of businesses and individuals in the ever-growing Central Ohio area. Our Chief Visionary Officer is a nationally recognized author, speaker and educator on small business, taxation and practice management. CPA Advisory Group, Inc. has developed systems that are the model for CPA firms around the country and delivers a comprehensive, collaborative, consistent approach in achieving results for our clients.

Years in the Business

Established in 1968, we have a more than 50-year tradition of excellence in the Greater Columbus area.

Happy Clients

We have been working to service the needs of large groups of individuals and an array of small businesses for more than five decades.

Professional & Administrative Staff

We possess a variety of experience and expertise, to serve a diverse array of individual and small business clients of various industries and entity types.

CPA Advisory Group Inc. is …

The Taxpayer’s Advocate – Our extensive tax knowledge and planning techniques allows us to advise our clients with the most beneficial tax saving strategies. Should you encounter tax problems or an IRS agent on your doorstep, our seasoned professionals are available to assist and advocate on your behalf.

The Small Business’ Finance Department – Small business owners are often too busy doing the operations of their business – and typically the accounting functions are not their specialty. That’s where CPA Advisory Group comes in handy. We offer accounting services across the spectrum from basic data entry and bank reconciliations, QuickBooks services, financial statement preparation, up to even CFO level strategic solutions for your business. Whatever your business accounting needs may be, our team is equipped to serve & support you.

The Small Business Owner’s Coach – Twice recognized as the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Advocate of the Year, CPA Advisory Group has a reputation for its contributions to the small business community, especially start-ups. With a proven track record of guiding small business owners toward successful business methods and practices, our advisors will work with you to grow your business and develop systems that enable you to focus your efforts toward working on your business, rather than laboring under it.

The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend – We have worked with entrepreneurs to develop hundreds of new businesses over the years. Through our uniquely designed systems and checklists we are able to provide the new business with tools and resources to persevere and grow in the difficult transition from inception to success.

The Global Businessman’s Next Door Neighbor – Through the beauty of modern technology we are able to serve the needs of clients around the world as if they were just down the street. Additionally, as a member of a global accounting firm network, we have the ability to offer comprehensive hands-on service on your global doorstep as needed through one of our international strategic partners.

The Accounting Firm with Personality – We are more than bean counters! If you are looking for a relationship with a dull, dry stereotypical accountant you will be disappointed at CPA Advisory Group. We come to the table with a fresh approach. Beyond merely crunching the numbers, our team of professionals are equipped to provide accounting, tax and business development services with innovative strategies which seek to empower our clients to achieve their business and personal goals.

A Few Customer Reviews

“CPA Advisory Group’s staff are some of the most professional people who are always great to deal with. I never worry about if my taxes were prepared correctly. I trust Dave Krebs & his team!”

“Even though we live in Arizona, you are always there for us. We so appreciate all of you at CPA Advisory Group. Dave, your staff is the best. Even though we usually only talk with you at tax time, we enjoy getting updates and tips throughout the year. Thank you so much.”
Dan & Carol

“Thank you all for your patience and cooperation. I hate paying taxes and you make it as painless as possible.”

A Different Kind of CPA Firm

Business Owners: Do You Want an Accountant Who ACTIVELY Works with You to Make Your Business More Successful and Valuable?

Our mission is to guide our customers in making the right decisions for their financial future through education, communication and uncompromising personalized service.

Take this quick test to see if you should be working with a different kind of accountant.

If you answer YES to more than six of these questions, you should consider working with a different kind of accountant – the CPA Advisory Group, Inc.

Wouldn't it be GREAT if your accountant ...
  1. Identified opportunities for your business growth and improvement rather than just looking at your historical figures?
  2. Provided ideas on how to make these opportunities work?
  3. Helped you identify your vision for the future of your business, your goals and the steps to get you there?
  4. Helped you create a regularly updated action plan to achieve these goals?
  5. Charged you a yearly, all inclusive fee paid monthly, rather than an hourly rate where the longer it takes the more you pay?
  6. Showed you how to better involve and build your team so they treat their work as much more than just a job?
  7. Offered dynamic customer service training for your team?
  8. Offered assistance on how to convert more sales over the phone or face to face?
  9. Provide feedback and new ideas on your marketing and advertising to generate a much better return on your investment?
  10. Helped you address management and human resources issues?
  11. Built key performance indicators for your business to make it run like clockwork?
  12. Proactively monitored your progress on a monthly basis so you could adjust quickly to maximize profits?
  13. Helped you establish systems that allow you to take the pulse of your business, better control your activities and know exactly where you stand at all times?
  14. Helped you find ways to work ON your business rather than IN it, so that you realize a better quality of life?
  15. Worked to constantly increase your financial rewards?
  16. Instituted strategies for the future – made your business a more valuable and realizable asset by sale or succession?


If you’re ready for this kind of relationship with your accounting firm, the Business Development Consultants at CPA Advisory Group, Inc. can help.  Instead of just focusing on “crunching the numbers,” we work with you to improve your business and your profits immediately.  To discover what opportunities exist for your business, call us now. 

We are a member of the RAN ONE global network, the largest network of independent accounting firms in the world, specializing in the small-to-medium size enterprise (SME) market.

Our Mission Statement

We will guide our customers in making the right decisions for their financial future through education, communication and uncompromising personalized service through which we will exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • We are committed to “Leading Small Businesses and Individuals to Success.”
  • We will provide tax return preparation, financial and tax planning, value-added consulting, business development, and accounting services with innovative strategies to our customers.
  • We will introduce and refine our products and services to meet tomorrow’s opportunities for our firm and our customers.
  • We are committed to excellence and the highest ethical standards.
  • We will support an environment that empowers all team members to achieve their professional and personal goals.
  • Our enjoyable and entrepreneurial culture will allow our team to maintain a Godly and family focus, while being rewarded for their faith, effort, and risk-taking.
  • We will give back to our community using our resources and the blessings we have received.
  • Our commitment to these values and vision will result in leading our customers and team members to success.

In summary, we will boldly go where no accounting firm has gone before.

CPA Advisory Group Columbus