New ‘Save a Million, Give a Million’ released




Dave Krebs releases 2023 update of book

Have you ever laughed out loud reading a financial planning book? Do you wish that you could understand complex tax and financial planning concepts in simple terms? Would you like to save more money and give more money away?

Dave Krebs, CPA, is a professional speaker and author. He has presented to over 100,000 individuals, corporations and small business owners over the last 35 years. In 1985, he created the CPA Advisory Group, Inc. which is now part of a $5 million, 30-member tax, consulting, accounting and investment advisory firm.

Dave and his wife Pat donated the entire business to charity in 2019. Dave has an unusual “spiritual gift.”  He can make complicated tax laws and financial concepts fun and understandable. Laugh and learn. Apply and earn. Give in return.


What readers are saying about the book

Dave, good morning from Saddlebrooke.

Just started reading your latest book and I can’t put it down. But I’m due to start my afternoon shift at the golf course in an hour.

Dave, this book is terrific; I plan to send copies to our sons and a few friends, who will, no doubt, send copies to their kids.

Stay well.

—Jim Opeka

Hi Dave,

I read the book. It was great. Interesting how we are similar. I have been a lifelong runner and still work out with weights also. Also, I have been called incredibly cheap through the years – not that you are.

Loved the quote about rich people stay rich because they live like they are poor, etc. I’ve always have told my kids to live below their means. Pay cash for everything except a house, never borrow money on a depreciating asset, etc. I will share the book with my younger nephews and nieces.

Invest early. … Pay yourself first. It’s too bad school systems do not teach this information. Better than leaning Latin.

Anyway … Good job!

—Phil Georgenson

CPCU President, PMG Employment Consultants