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From the Federal Trade Commission — By Colleen Tressler —  

You’ve probably heard about identity theft, but have you heard about Identity Theft Awareness week? That’s when the FTC and its partners host free podcasts, webinars, Facebook Live interviews, and other events to talk about how to spot, avoid, report, and recover from identity theft. And Identity Theft Awareness Week 2024 started Monday, Jan. 29!

Identity theft can take many forms. It could be someone opening a credit card or utility account in your name, or someone using your information to get a loan or a job or medical care. And it can happen to anyone. If you’re active in your community, please help others learn about identity theft. Join the FTC during Identity Theft Awareness Week. Here’s how:

  • Bookmark this page and check it out next week to find FTC events you can join and let people in your community know about it too.
  • Follow the FTC and #IDTheftWeek on social media for updates.
  • Share information with friends, family, and others in your community about how to spot, avoid, and report identity theft – available in multiple languages.
  • Watch and share this video.
Talking about identity theft can help people you care about take steps to protect their personal information and know what to do if something happens. Whether you’re chatting with friends and family, sharing information on social media or at community group meeting, please consider talking about identity theft and the opportunities to learn more during Identity Theft Awareness Week.

Colleen Tressler is an employee of the FTC, Division of Consumer and Business Education.

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